Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Post-Auditing Win

After my session on Sunday, I was telling Tiffany about “walking while standing still”.  When I do that, I make myself feel like I’m standing still, but pulling the whole world towards me from the front, and pushing it away behind.  My legs move to keep up, like a treadmill.  It’s fun, and I can do that for a lot longer than I can walk when I don’t do that.

Today, driving home from work, the small of my back started to hurt, and I realized I was “pushing” against the world from there.  There’s no way my body can handle the kind of force needed to hold a car still while moving the world under it (same force as needed to move the car, after all), but that’s what I was doing.  Ended up leaning forward whenever I wanted to accelerate, which is silly of course.

So instead of doing that with the body, I held the car still and put the “push” and “pull” (tractor and pressor beams, of course) onto the frame and power-train of the car.  In doing so, I took on the viewpoint of the car.  Wow!

I normally think of a car as a fairly heavy thing.  About a ton-and-a-half of car, for the one I’m driving these days (2012 Ford Fusion SE – totally rocks!).  But, from the viewpoint of the engine, the car is a featherweight!  I never thought of it that way before, but it’s very definitely true.  A “muscle” (the engine) that can propel a body at over 100 mph pretty much as long as it has gas in the tank, is much more power:mass than anything I’m used to from a body!

Was great fun.  And, as soon as I focused on the car that way, the back pain completely disappeared.  Stayed away as long as I kept the car viewpoint, too.  Very reliable.


36 tonight.  Worked up a good sweat on it, too.  Heart-rate is way elevated, which is a good thing.  Means I’m doing that part right.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Auditing Wins

Had one of my best sessions ever yesterday.  Not sure what to write about it, because the wins aren’t really expressible in English.

Sometimes I have to remind myself who and what I really am.  Spiritual, beyond flesh, merely anchored to others by this identity and the matter supporting it.

Can’t express enough my profound gratitude to my auditor (Tiffany), the C/S, Tampa Org, and, most of all, Ron.  Standard Tech really does what I need it to!  Amazingly so!


35 tonight.  1st time since I hurt my neck.  Was harder than before, but not painful, so I’m back at it now.