Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Movie Review: Captain America

I saw Captain America a few weeks back, but have been too busy to review it till now.

Definitely a good movie.  Fun, exciting, visually appealing, and I didn’t watch it in 3D, so no headache!  (Definitely avoiding 3D movies till they fix the technology on them.)

Chris Evans did an excellent job as both Steve Rogers and Cap.  I’ve liked him since Not Another Teen Movie, thought he was one of the few good things besides Jessica Alba in a skinsuit in Fantastic Four, and I liked him in Push too.

300385_1020_A(Gratuitous Jessica Alba picture, just because.  Nothing to do with the Captain America review.)

Hayley Atwell was excellent as Peggy Carter.  Very pretty, without the modern need for sexy (pretty and sexy are very different things).

The bit after the credits (all the Avengers-related movies have those bits) was a solid tease as well.

All in all, worth watching.  7 of 10.

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