Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Post-Auditing Win

After my session on Sunday, I was telling Tiffany about “walking while standing still”.  When I do that, I make myself feel like I’m standing still, but pulling the whole world towards me from the front, and pushing it away behind.  My legs move to keep up, like a treadmill.  It’s fun, and I can do that for a lot longer than I can walk when I don’t do that.

Today, driving home from work, the small of my back started to hurt, and I realized I was “pushing” against the world from there.  There’s no way my body can handle the kind of force needed to hold a car still while moving the world under it (same force as needed to move the car, after all), but that’s what I was doing.  Ended up leaning forward whenever I wanted to accelerate, which is silly of course.

So instead of doing that with the body, I held the car still and put the “push” and “pull” (tractor and pressor beams, of course) onto the frame and power-train of the car.  In doing so, I took on the viewpoint of the car.  Wow!

I normally think of a car as a fairly heavy thing.  About a ton-and-a-half of car, for the one I’m driving these days (2012 Ford Fusion SE – totally rocks!).  But, from the viewpoint of the engine, the car is a featherweight!  I never thought of it that way before, but it’s very definitely true.  A “muscle” (the engine) that can propel a body at over 100 mph pretty much as long as it has gas in the tank, is much more power:mass than anything I’m used to from a body!

Was great fun.  And, as soon as I focused on the car that way, the back pain completely disappeared.  Stayed away as long as I kept the car viewpoint, too.  Very reliable.

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