Sunday, July 28, 2013

Spiders and Wasps

Last night, I found some black widow spiders nesting in the garage.  Sprayed them with some Raid, which says on the spray can that it kills spiders.  It does, but it takes a LONG time to do it.  At least in this case it did.  Sprayed them last night, and they were dead by late this morning.  One of three was still moving a little bit first thing, but by late morning they were all dead.  They have another product that I might try if there’s a next-time.

Then I saw some wasps building nests on my patio this afternoon.  I’ve dealt with those before.  Raid Wasp & Hornet spray is pretty much insta-kill on them.  Worked immediately this time too.

Adventures in owning a house!

Good thing I’ll be doing the Purification Rundown later this year, with all these insecticides and such I’m having to use!

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