Saturday, March 26, 2011

Morons at TaxACT

Here’s what I sent them:

“I clicked the "Forgot 2009 Username" button, and it sent me an e-mail with my username. But the password didn't work, so I clicked "Forgot my password". It then tells me my username, that your system just e-mailed to me, isn't in the system. So I tried going through the registration page, but it says my e-mail address is already in your system. It's a loop that just keeps repeating. How can your system e-mail me a username that's not in your system? Yet it says it has done exactly that.”

Here’s the autoresponder piece of junk that they sent me as a “reply” to this:

“To successfully reset your password, you must complete all the steps in the process. After clicking the "Forgot your Password?" link:
1. You will be asked to enter your username and click "Continue".
2. On the next screen you are asked to answer your secret question and click "Continue".
3. You must enter your new password, confirm it, and click the "Send Password Reset" email.
4. You must then validate the new password using the link in the auto-generated email you received.
If you have not completed each of these steps above, your password is not reset and you may not receive the validation email.
NOTE: The validation link expires in 36 hours. You will need to re-initiate the reset process if you have not validated the change in that time.
For a video presentation of this help topic please click this link:

Thank you for using TaxACT. Please let us know if you have any further questions.”

Any reasonably literate person would have read my request, realized that there’s a problem with their password reset functionality, and actually responded to what I actually wrote.  Instead, they had a bot send me something that ends up being actually insulting because it’s just a repeat of directions that I followed, which didn’t work.

Definitely switching to a different service.  Not sure which yet.  These guys need to realized that “customer service” has nothing to do with the animal husbandry definition of “service”.  (My response to them would make this blog Adult Only because of language, so I won’t post it.)

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