Saturday, March 26, 2011

Plague of Stupidity

I just tried to do my taxes through TaxACT Online.  I checked my records from last year, and had my username, but not my password.  So I clicked the “Forgot My Password” link, and it asked for the username.  I tried the one I have on record, and it told me that it’s not in their system.  So I hit the “Forgot My Username” link, and waited for their e-mail to arrive.

A few minutes later, an e-mail arrived, with EXACTLY the same username I had just tried to use.  In case of typo, I copy-and-pasted it into their form.  And got an error that my username isn’t in their system.  The exact same username the exact same system had just e-mailed me not two minutes earlier!

I just have to wonder what kind of morons they have building their code for them.  That kind of error should be impossible with any sort of decent coding skill or any faintest clue about database querying.

And, yes, when I try to register for the site, it says my e-mail address already exists in their system, and asks for my username, which, when provided, it promptly informs me isn’t in their system again.

So I contacted support.  If that’s as clueless as I expect, I guess I’ll be trying a new service in a few days.

All I can really say so far is, it’s a DAMN good thing I’m not doing this on April 15th, with support saying it will take a couple of business days to get back to me on their self-generated idiocy.

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