Friday, June 24, 2011

Movie Review: Green Lantern

I’m familiar enough with the comics to know that it’s really the ring that matters (though I guess he could wallop bad guys upside the head with the lantern if he had to), and that green fists are going to be involved.  So, I can’t speak for fans of the printed version(s?), but I liked Green Lantern.

I think a lot of people were expecting Ryan Reynolds to be a poor choice, because they associate him with some of his comedic work (e.g.: Van Wilder).  I had higher expectations because I really liked Definitely, Maybe, and not for the comedic moments but because I thought it was well-acted.

So, going in, I had medium-expectations, and was pleased when they were exceeded.  It’s not Iron Man and won’t revolutionize anyone’s career nor be considered the kind of revolution in movie-making that Spiderman was.  But it’s plenty entertaining, it has a good comic-book feel to it, and I love the bit where Blake Lively's character meets him and gets a chance to actually say “hello” and thank him for her rescue.

I don’t think it’ll be a spoiler when I say that he saves Earth.  I liked how he did it.  Totally wrong physics, but it is a comic book movie!

So, 7 on a 1-10.  Entertaining, fun, don’t pay for IMAX but it is worth the big-screen in a normal theatre if you don’t have something with similar perspective at home.

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