Monday, September 12, 2011

Google Incompetence

I find it very interesting that I can’t sign in to my own blog on Blogger to administer the site and to moderate comments, because Google doesn’t seem to know how to handle their own cookies.

The “help” page for it tells me I need to allow all cookies from and, which is, of course, a security issue and really, really stupid to do, but I did it anyway.  Didn’t help.  Not at all.

So I looked at their detailed instructions, which are out-of-date (no instructions for IE 9 for example), which is just sloppy on their part.

So, for the time being, I can post on my blog, but can’t administer it, till Google learns how to handle security for their gmail accounts and their own sites.  Possibly till someone at Google searches on Bing for “current versions of web browsers” or something like that.

(Yeah, I’m getting a bit snarky about a multinational tech company that has huge, gaping holes in their idea of Internet security and computer security, and wants to enforce these holes on millions of other people.)

This is the same company that keeps getting told that Android and Chrome have serious security holes, but they’re so far behind the 8-ball on it that they just can’t seem to catch up.  Let’s just hope they never catch up with Windows in popularity, because the resulting Android virus frenzy will make Slammer look like a mild annoyance.

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