Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just Another PDC Win

I just tied together a whole bunch of things I’ve studied over the last years.

In 8-80, Ron talks about how the difference in potential between various bands on the Tone Scale produce energy.  For example, the technology on this planet depends on the energy produced by Effort interacting with Matter.  He mentions that the interaction of higher bands produces more energy.

In my current lecture in the PDC, he mentions thetans being perceived as balls of light.  It occurs to me that theta, merely by interacting with MEST, would indeed produce energy, merely by the difference in potential.

That made me look at the concept a bit closer than I have before.

I know that what I perceive as “existence” is merely postulated.  That sight, hearing, et al, are merely my interpretations of postulating and agreeing (which is merely other’s postulates taken up as own).

Then I really tied the two concepts together!

“Glow” is merely a perceiving of the postulates of another!  We outflow postulates constantly, even compulsively (especially in this mad world).  Of course we “glow” in that perspective.

And that ties directly to the 8-80 datum.  The difference in potential between Beingness/Space (Tone 40) and Aesthetic (Tone 39 in 8-80) is such a huge, titanic, immense source of energy, that it can and does produce whole universes!

The degradation into the current MEST universe is from moving below Aesthetics to lower bands.

The “glow” is energy outflowing from theta as postulates.

I’m in a lower tone than 40.0.  (I like to think it’s about 7 or 8 currently.)  If I want to improve that, I need to cut my compulsive discharge of energy I’m creating by interacting with lower tones, definitely including 0.0 (pure MEST), and move closer to Space vs. Aesthetics!

I know that the only thing “wrong” with me as a thetan is I need to sort out my confusions on my own postulates and agreements.

This tells me how to know what to do with any given postulate or agreement.

It’s like GPS for my postulates!

And that ties it directly to ethics and the Code of Honor!  Whole new way to look at “Be true to your own goals,” and “Be your own advisor, keep your own counsel and select your own decisions.”  I now know exactly how to do those two things, without confusion or hesitation.  (Thanks again, Ron.  You explained it exactly the way I needed it.)

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