Sunday, January 8, 2012

Movie Review: Mission Impossible 4

Also recently saw Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.  Goofy fun, lots of insane action.  Heard some people complain about it not being realistic.  I guess they missed the point, in my opinion.

Honestly, if you want a realistic movie about espionage/intelligence, you’re going to be sitting the theatre watching a movie of some government employee comparing photographs to each other, or listening to a radio broadcast in some language you probably don’t speak.  There’s a lot of paperwork involved.  Much of it involves things like following up on purchase orders and invoices.  There’s very little that would be at all entertaining.

James Bond, Mission Impossible, and all the rest, are fantasy fiction.  I enjoy them that way.

This one provided plenty of insane action, stunts, explosions, fights, sexy women (Léa Seydoux and Paula Patton are definitely attractive), and so on.  Pure eye-candy, from start to finish, for the whole movie.  Saw it in IMAX (refusing to see 3D movies these days; the headaches aren’t worth it), and it was worth the extra bucks.

8 of 10

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