Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Secret World

Realized I haven’t posted on this in a while.  (Haven’t posted in a while.  Heck, let’s be honest, I’m a seriously lazy blogger.  But let’s also be honest, this is essentially talking to myself at this point, so the lazy bit probably doesn’t actually matter.)

Still playing The Secret World.  Still buggy, too.  They swat some of the bugs, but seem to introduce new ones, or re-introduce old ones, at close to the same rate.  Nothing catastrophic right now, but it’s definitely distracting.

Main character, Fyrekat, is getting closer and closer to having all the skills maxed out.  Still a long ways to go on abilities, of course, but has a ton of them already.

It’s a fun game.  Good content.  Enjoy it more than am distracted by bugs in the juice.

The best dungeon (so far) is still the first one.  The Cthulhu rip-off in the final boss fight rocks.  Worst so far is the most recent I’ve tried, The Ankh.  Haven’t had a successful run yet, and some of the encounters are WAY too console-game for my tastes.  Hard to get groups for that one, and I understand why.

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