Saturday, May 28, 2011

Interesting Thought

I had an interesting session on Tuesday night.  Realized what a pain we (thetans) must be to bodies/GEs.  We come in, take over as absolute rulers and even “gods”, and then bang these things up in the most imaginative ways we can come up with!

Imagine the poor GE, sitting there, minding its own business, trying to run an operational body based on millions of years of trial-error solutions that, it knows will work, and then suddenly, “Hey, wait!  Does ‘white water kayaking’ mean what it sounds like?”

The incident we ran was hard to nail down.  A location I don’t consciously remember, but definitely a this-lifetime engram.  And a hard time identifying the valences in it.  Definitely an ally computation in one part.  One masculine voice, the ally, and one feminine voice, seen as a threat.

It suddenly occurred to me, now, several days later, that those might have been my grandparents.  I have many of the usual life-continuum/ally valence issues with Grandpa Dick, including having the same first name.  I know I was around him, but I can’t remember more than a few quick glimpses.  And so on.

Definitely an interesting possibility.  Will have to see if more comes up in future sessions!

Auditing is really quite an adventure!  Never know what I’ll discover about myself next!

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