Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 9th Dianetics Event

Had the anniversary celebration for Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health at Flag, in Clearwater, tonight.  Was fun!  There was a great speech by a leader of the local Nation of Islam leader, since they’re doing Dianetics processing very heavily in their mosque these days.  Very good speaker, very ministerial, and quite entertaining.  He had a line about people he has known for years saying things like, “I’m not quite sure I really know the new Brother James (that’s his name)”, and replying, “That’s okay, I’m not that familiar with him myself.  But I’m sure that, when I get to know him, I’ll like him.  Even more, I’ll love him.”  It’s a good way to sum up the journey of self-discovery in Dianetics.

Was also good seeing some of my close friends, like Paul and Jacquie, get awarded and recognized for their hard work.

The event, as always, wore my knee out, with all the standing ovations.  Worth it, but I’m definitely paying the price.

The opening music was wonderful.  The woman who sang the lead in the songs was beautiful, had a great voice, and brought a definite joie de vivre to the stage.  And she had the vocal strength to be heard over the band (which some haven’t had at prior events).  No clue who she is, but it was a great opening for the event.

Before the event, we had dinner at the Garden restaurant in the hotel, and it was delicious.  I’m SO glad they brought in that chef a couple of years ago.  The food was good before, but now it’s simply awesome.

Definitely a good event.  Worth the drive, worth the throbbing knee, et al.  I’m glad I went!

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