Sunday, May 29, 2011

Study Wins

I had a couple of very cool wins on study today.  Still working on the PDC, up to lecture 23 so far.  Tons of good data, though much of it is, of course, a rehash of things I already know.

But, in the department of things I already “know” but hadn’t really fully understood yet (I guess I could use the word “grocked” there), comes the idea that I don’t actually have to go into agreement with the MEST universe if I want to make a postulate stick.  Honestly, I make the postulate, I make it stick in my universe, and if others want to play with me, it’ll stick in a shared universe, and we’re all good to go.  In other words, MEST can ask me for permission to play, instead of the other way around.  Very, very much in the “Duh!” category this long into my Scientology career, and made me apologize (jokingly) to Ron for being a slow learner, but still a crucial realization.

Ties in nicely with the bit a few weeks ago about universes and postulates.

Another I had was more in the category of blowing suppressive garbage out of my mind.  I realized that I was actually worried that I’d go out of R with people if I went too uptone for them.  After all, R really only extends up and down about 1 point on the Tone Scale.  Of course I won’t have to worry about that!  Worst case scenario is I’ll have to mock up social circuitry to bridge the gap.  Same way it’s done all over the world, but reversed in terms of tone difference (lower instead of higher than the being).  That also means I’ll be in control of it, no automaticity.  Definitely some suppressive’s idea for a good way to hold me back.  I have to admire it as well-done evil.  Evil, definitely, but done well enough that I took the thought as being my own till I had a chance to examine it.

The bigger win is the realization I’d been getting OT backwards, and knowing now what direction to move in.  Guess I had to realize where I was before that could happen, so it makes sense that the universes/postulates win would happen first, then this one.  So I’m on my way now, spiritually.  Feels good. I have a very good feeling about this journey! Smile

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