Saturday, April 16, 2011

Movie Review: Disney’s “Earth”

I saw the previews in the theatre a few years back, so when I saw the DVD on the shelf yesterday, I grabbed a copy.  Earth definitely has some seriously breathtaking cinematography, and the “stories” are definitely interesting.

What I also found interesting is that, in the movie, they have footage of a polar bear swimming in the sea, and the narrative at that point is that “he is exhausted and has run out of ice to walk on, miles from land …”, and the whole AGW narrative is gone into heavily.  But in the “making of” special, it shows that the swimming bear took the plunge from solid land, and made the decision to swim out into the sea.  When they started filming that shot, he was less than 100 yards from shore.  In other words, the narrative is pure, solid, unadulterated lies, purely for propaganda purposes, at least in that scene, and they inadvertently admit this on their own DVD!

And that’s really the sad thing about movies like this, and the politics that they are designed to support.  The AGW movement is a pack of lies designed to support something really, really vital, and thus cuts the throat of the very thing it is designed to assist.  (How 1.1 is that!)

We urgently need to reduce pollution: air, sea, and land.  TEA party activists and members will complain (ad nauseum, if given the chance) about Obamacare and the bailouts/stimulus creating unpayable debts for later generations.  And they’re right about those things.  But the very same thoughts apply equally or more so to the creation of a toxic environment!  These same people should be up in arms about that at the same time.

So why aren’t they?  Because “eco freaks” have spent so much time and effort lying about AGW that they’ve completely alienated anyone who actually cares about the human future.

We need to build nuclear plants, and work out ways to recycle the so-called-waste that they create.  (Technically, there’s no such thing as radioactive waste, there’s just unreprocessed fuel.)  We need them to be safe, so they should be about 2 miles underneath the bedrock.  The plants in Japan are a marvel of engineering, doing as well as they have after the earthquake, aftershocks, and tsunami.  However, if they were deep underground, they would be a non-situation, even in a full meltdown.  Done correctly, nuclear power is potentially the greatest boon to environmental causes since the invention of environmental awareness.

We need to provide cheap, clean electricity to “emerging markets”.  Rent safe nuclear power plants to every country on Earth, and build schools and loan money for industry and agriculture in the surrounding areas.  But the fake eco movement would fight that tooth and claw.  It would be blasphemy against their religion.

So, in this one movie, I see the horrible failings of “the Left” and “the Right”, all in one handy package.  The makers of the movie never intended it to have that effect, but it sure does!

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