Saturday, April 16, 2011

TV Review: Dark Angel

On a recommendation, I got the first season of Dark Angel from Netflix.  I watched the first disk, and have to say the whole thing sucks horribly.

The basic premise, genetically engineered supersoldiers who mutiny as children and escape into a post-apocalyptic society (created by terrorists using an EMP weapon against the US), is okay.  It stretches even sci-fi credulity, and isn’t even internally consistent within the show, but I could live with it if that was what was needed.

Instead, I get incoherent plotlines, based around absurdities like the main character going into sexual heat because she’s got cat DNA.  If her sexual characteristics were actually built around cat DNA, shouldn’t she also have multiple nipples running down her torso, instead of having Jessica Alba's perfect breasts?  Mind you, I don’t mind that she’s got that sexy body she has.  What I mind is that the story is supposedly built around a supersoldier searching for others of her kind, and instead it ends up being built around some fetish for cats, and jokes about men being weak.

Her best friend dies in the first episode, in a moment and manner that was more predictable than sunrises and phases of the moon.  The rest of the stories and plots are just as predictable, and just as absurd.

The whole thing comes across as having been written by and for 12-year-olds.

So, one disk in (out of five for the first season), I’m sending it back to Netflix.  And the person who recommended it is going onto my list of “never pay attention to them again” when it comes to entertainment.

So, yet again, my dislike of television proves itself out.  Of the shows I’ve recently had recommended to me, not one has been worth the time spent watching it.  This is just the latest in that chain.  Oh well.

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