Sunday, April 3, 2011


Got Aglaromë (my World of Warcraft worgen deathknight) to level 75 this evening.  The game has definitely changed since I quit two years ago.  I’m finally into new content (new for me, not for the game), and that’s nice.

Aglaromë is forming a personality all his own, which is always a good sign for a character of mine.  Arrogant, confident almost to the point of hubris, he tells NPCs to “Get out of the way of The Undead Werewolf!”, or that they were killed by The Undead Werewolf, and similar things.  He tells undead of the Scourge that fight him, “I was MADE for this!” (Which, if you pay attention to the deathknight backstory, is true), as he defeats them.

I’m having fun with the character, more so than prior WoW characters in prior years.  And I don’t have my prior issues with being betrayed or ignored by guildmates, since I’m pretty much going it alone.  The dungeon finder is a nice addition to the game.  It removes a major source of finding new friends, but it eliminates a titanic source of frustration I had with prior tools for getting into the dungeon instances (since I couldn’t rely on guildies/friends for that at all), so I consider it a net positive.

He’s got his epic flying mount (the level 70 one, not the level 80), and that’s making things much easier and less boring too.  Less time spent getting from A to B, more time kicking ass at B!

I think I like it.

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