Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rift, Addendum

Was just re-reading my post on Rift, and realized I should have included one other point in the paragraph about spammers.  It is very easy to ignore them and never be bothered again.

It also just occurred to me that not banning the accounts, but allowing you to ignore them, means the botters aren’t creating new characters on new accounts.  That means ignores I created days ago are still ignoring those people, instead of having to add new names every time I go into town.  (Like Stormwind in WoW: new names on the same gold-farmer ads every time I sign in.)  I guess that’s kind of a plus on the whole thing.

I still like CCP's solution to gold farming in EVE.  They created something called “PLEX”, which you can buy from them or third-party vendors, and then sell in-game.  The buyer in the game gets a “free month” of gameplay, and the seller gets in-game money by spending real-world money. 

Same idea as buying from a gold-farmer, but without the credit card fraud and legal risks.  Players who farm a lot of in-game money get to play for free, and people who would rather spend dollars than time get in-game money.  Nice solution for everyone involved.  And since they sell on an auction basis, the price is set by the market.

Definitely a better solution than ignore-then-ban (like WoW), or just ignore (like Rift).

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